Monday, June 11, 2007

Truck Trouble

Yesterday my family had a blast over at Inks Lake State Park. We hiked and then went swimming. We had spent several hours just getting out of the house and recharged our batteries. We need that once in awhile. The walking and swimming felt great, however, we are feeling the residule effects today, sore mussles everywhere.

When I got into the truck this morning, the truck battery decided to die. I took a trip up to Waco and look for a job and join my husband for lunch. When I stopped the truck at a potinital employers site, it would not start again. At that point it was time to call the husband to come and jump the truck. I took my son with me. I thought that the trip to Waco should recharge the battery. When the battery didn't charge, that told me that it was either the battery or a short in the electrical system. I took the truck to the Ford dealer and they tested both the battery and the electrical system. That is when they told me about the cold cranking amperage. There is supposed to be six hundred cold cranking amperage. When I had it checked out however, there was only two hundred and fifty. Unfortunally, the cost of the battery was not that inexpensive. Keeping things running these days are expensive.