Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Kid on the Ranch

On July 11, we just had a new addition on the ranch, much to our surprise. His mother a black doe named Coal, however, she gave birth to a white buck. I knew that some of my goats are pregnant, however, Coal never showed any of the traditional signs of being in labor. This increases the buck count; therefore, we are going to have to sell some of them. Too many bucks are not what my ranch needs. While bucks are important to a herd, too many are a waste of feed.

I wish that I had a place to keep the buck and his mother away from the rest of the herd. Until I can find a home for a 40 pound house dog, I don't have access to my isolation compound. I need to regain this piece of land. This dog is free to a good home if anyone is interested. I also have six Alatonion/Great Pyrenees puppies for sale and my barn is currently being used to house them.

Coal, much to our frustration, decided to hide her kid from everyone. She kept bleating for him, but he never answered or came to her calling. Me and both of my children looked and looked and still could not find him. On a twenty-acre ranch, there are plenty of places to hide him, must to my frustration. The next day, however, he showed up like nothing was wrong and it was back to eating as usual. He pulled this stunt several times since. Always showing up later.


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