Sunday, December 10, 2006

Life Continues

Unfortunatly, of the nine puppies one didn't make it. The other eight are just fine.They are becoming very active. Mommy is starting to get tired of taking caer of them already. She is a very good mother though.

On a sader note, we have managed to lose five goats within the past two to three weeks. We have no idea what might have killed four of them. The fifth one was born and the mother walked away from him. When that happenes, there is uwually something wrong the kid. I attempted to keep it alive, but withno success.

This past Saturday, we went out and got four replacements. There are two female and two male. They are only three weeks old now and have to be feed three times a day with a bottle. This and get ready for Christmas are keeping us pretty busy at this time. The four new additions are doing quite well. They know when its feeding time and let us know about it. These four are following us all over when we go up to feed them. I think that these four are going to become our shadow then they get older.

Friday, December 01, 2006

New Additions to the Ranch

We resently had a few new surprises on the ranch. Spirit our alpha female surprised us with a litter of nine puppies. Unfortunitly one of them didn't make it.

One of my does unexpectedly gave birth to a male kid. Kidding season has begun.

Now that the weather has changed drasticaly, I need to keep a closer eye on the livestock. Weather has a dramitic effect on all the livestock here. The temperture has dropped to the upper twenties to lower thirties at night. This therefore has increased the work load on the ranch.