Sunday, May 20, 2007

Traveling Vietnam Memorial War

My family and I just came in from visiting the Traveling Vietnam Memorial War wall. It was a sight to be seen. It is currently located at the Texas Veterans Memorial Cematry. This is on Texas 195 just south of Killeen. It will be there until 8:00 AM tomarrow morning. This caused us to go into a discussion about the war and all the details leading up to the United States involvement in it. This was a good learning experience for both of my children. We also pointed out that the headstones were in a straight line no matter which direction you looked. Being at the wall, was a mixed blessing for my husband. Unfortunatly, he knew some of the people that were engraved on the wall. This remineded him of a time in his past that were both pleasent and unpleasent.

In walking around the cematery, we also saw several trucks that were "tricked out." The trucks were "tricked out" by the Chrome Shop Mafia. If you are interested in learning more about the Chrome Shop Mafia, you can check them at or on Country Music Television (CMT).
The Chrome Shop Mafia's silver on black logo


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